Whitby & Robin Hood’s Bay

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I recently ventured to the east coast to Whitby, somewhere I’ve never been before but have heard a lot about. My boyfriend and I bought a tent a couple of years ago but after one measly camping trip I booked us in to Robin Hood’s Bay to try and get some more out of it.

Camping at Robin Hood’s Bay

Our criteria for a campsite was:

  • walking distance to a pub
  • showers
  • pre-bookable

We found one place that ticked all of the boxes by searching Google and Pitch Up which is a great little website for campsites. We found Bay Ness Farm and booked with them directly. When we arrived we followed the instructions we were sent which explicity told us not to follow our sat navs, they were easy to follow with the help of Google maps and the signs they’ve put up. We checked in at reception, again, large signs showing us the way and were given a quick tour of the campsite. Toilets, showers, recycling, pitch areas.¬† We were also given directions to the nearest pub which was in Robin Hood’s Bay centre, a 30 minute walk down a dirt/cinder track.

Inside our tent
Inside our tent – it’s snug!

It took us about 30 minutes to pitch up, 1 small argument and a make up smooch. We picked a spot at the top of a small field where there were no other tents. My boyfriend was worried that we’d get someone pitching right in front of us but I wanted to be away from the walkway where the cars would drive past and people walking home would go by. It turns out nobody pitched in front of us which was great news so we had an uninterupted view all night and the next morning.

Robin Hood's Bay
Our first view of the bay

As soon as we’d pitched we took a stroll down the cinder path towards Robin Hood’s Bay. To get to the path you have to walk down a trail which is definitely not suitable for anyone other than able-bodied people with some form of fitness level. It’s a steep decline with large holes, tractor tracks and boulders. You need to watch where you’re treading. As soon as you get to the bottom you go through a gate, turn right and it’s pretty much a straight line down until you hit a main road. Follow this down the hill and you’ll stumble upon the bay.

Robin Hood’s Bay

Crabbing at Robin Hood's bay
Crabbing at Robin Hood’s bay

I found Robin Hood’s Bay to be very cute, friendly and local, it was very similar to Cornwall and gave me that kind of feeling. The centre is full of windy roads and small boutique venues.

We found a small wine bar and called Smugglers just on the strip down to the beach. We sat outside, watched the world go by and laughed at the numerous cars who found the street to be a dead end and have to gingerly turn around. Afterwards we took a walk up a side street and found our first view of the bay. We followed the raised promenade round the beach and even spotted a few people crabbing in the rock pools. It was brilliant, so chilled and calming. We did nothing but people watch, which is by far one of my favourite activities.

Paddling at Robin Hood's Bay

We found another pub, Ye Dophin, which was up a side street and gave us more people watching opportunity with the seats outside. From here we could see people walking to and from the beach, finding their AirBnB and reading instructions on how to open the doors as well as watching  a few marital tiffs. If you follow this road up you get to another viewing platform which allows you to see more people paddling and crabbing.

Fish and chips at Robin Hood's Bay

After a number of drinks we took a walk back up the steep hill into the bay. We had planned to go to Fish Box, the chip shop we’d spotted on the way down. Be warned, this is one steep hill! Imagine Steep Hill in Lincoln and you’re not far off what you’ve got to climb and we passed many people who had sat down to take a breather half way up! The trek was worth it, we grabbed a fish, chips and peas plus a drink each for ¬£9 and sat looking out to sea whilst we refuelled. The fish was baking hot, white, fresh and not greasy in the slightest. The chips were proper chunky and went well smoothered in peas. It was probably one of the best fish and chips I’d had in a long time.

Local pub at Robin Hood's Bay

Here’s me! The first ever photo of me on this blog or on my social media accounts. As I’m moving this blog into the travel area as well as food I thought it’s only right that I give you a peek at who’s behind Notts Foodie. Read more about me on my about section or talk to me on Facebook or tweet me on Twitter.

After our food we found Gorsvenor Hotel, a huge pub and hotel just before the cinder track, this had a large garden area where we sat watching the world go by. There were lots of families and people eating here, presumably after a hard day of crabbing and keeping the kids entertained. There was a sweet shop right in the centre of the bay which seemed quite popular with the kids and no doubt helped them keep up their energy throughout the day.

After a couple more drinks we headed back to the campsite for a drink, watching the stars and just generally enjoying the quiet.

Camping Breakfast

Breakfast whilst camping

In the morning I was woken by the smell of bacon. My boyfriend had set up the stove and was frying a pack, he had a brew waiting for me as well (we forgot the milk). I sat in one of our camp chairs and simply spent some time looking out to sea and breathing in the crisp morning air.

Bacon cob in the morning

Bacon and camping

You can’t get better than al fresco dining when camping, what a beautiful bacon cob! After this we packed up and headed into Whitby for some arcades and another set of fish and chips.


Parking area in Whitby

We found a local parking spot right next to Co-Op in town that was on the harbour, this was the view from the car park – look how impressive it is! That’s the abbey you can see in the middle of the photo.

Lobster nets in Whitby

Lobster nets were stacked high ready for the boats to head out and grab some seafood. We saw numerous people proudly displaying crabs that they had caught from the waters all around Whitby.

The beach in Whitby

First stop for us was a walk along the pier, it overlooked a small beach which stretched right around the coast and underneath some gloriously large hotels. This walk was great, there were loads of fishermen on the bottom pier trying their look. We spent a while just watching to see if anyone would catch anything but they just ended up tangling themselves up!

Whitby Abbey

Our next stop was the Abbey (is this the one Dracula was filmed at?). My boyfriend went here on a school trip about 20 years ago and was convinced it was free to enter…not any more it’s not. We walked all the way up the steep steps, got a sweat on and didn’t even go in the bloody thing. It’s pretty from the outside at least.


Back on the highstreet we explored the cobbled streets and cafes that were dotted about. There was a car boot happening in one of the squares, large sacks of potatoes getting delivered to chip shops and people walking their fluffy dogs around.

Sherlocks at Whitby

We paused at Sherlock’s cafe for tea and cake but ended up getting drawn in by their homemade scones. Cream tea all around please!

Scone at Sherlocks

Look how big these beauties are! They were huge. We had a quick discussion about whether it should be cream or jam first. We had different views, I believed in the jam first so that the cream wouldn’t get pulled off by the jam BUT I accidentally put my cream on first on my first scone and, you know what? It’s a life changer. I’m converted.

Cream tea at Sherlocks

Our selection of teas and scones – we had two pots, one decaf for me and one standard tea for my boyfriend.

After this feast we headed down to the arcades to play a game or two. Unfortunately there were only 3 arcades so we were in and out quite quickly as they all had similar games. I can imagine if you’re with kids this would keep you entertained for hours though. As we were driving we didn’t explore the plentiful pubs so after a couple of hours within the centre which was a bit of a bummer as they looked like proper country pubs. As I’m not into fizzy drinks we simply packed up and headed back to Nottingham.

All in all our trip was brilliant. I’d definitely go back to Bay Ness Farm and I’d definitely be up for spending more time in Whitby to explore more restaurants and the pub scene. Is there anything that I’ve completely forgotten to do whilst I’ve been there? Let me know in the comments or follow me on:

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Love for you all x

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