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I was invited down to The Bakehouse in Sherwood (a few doors down from The Crimson Tree) to try out their new small plates menu. It was a new idea for the company, that has become renowned for its bread, I was eager to try it out.

Drinks menu at The Bakehouse, Sherwood

First Impressions of The Bakehouse (Sherwood)

This place is easy to find, as soon as you pass The Sherwood Manor it’s on the right hand side or on the left hand side at the top of Sherwood.

As soon as you walk in there’s the serving area and a large spread of cakes and desserts. To the left there’s lots of freshly baked bread and stools in front of the window for a quick coffee and people watching. If you want to grab a bite to eat you head to the right where there’s a small step that leads you into a dining area. The back wall has a brick wallpaper and there’s an antique looking bike hung up. Decorations consist of wax stained gin and alcohol bottles and dark wooden furniture. It’s cosy and looks promising.


The menus were on the table, a simple A4 paper attached to a wooden clipboard. They had an offer of 2 dishes plus bread and oils for £12 between 17.00-18.30. That sounded right up our street and was what we were told to expect from the PR team.

Having a scan through the options I found it quite difficult to pick just 4 between us, I would have had all of them, the descriptions did them justice and made me hungry.

We eventually narrowed it down and opted for:

  • Chilli bowl and baked tortilla with guacamole and sour cream
  • Keralan daal with coriander and sourdough toast
  • Baked sweet potato wedges with aioli and spring onion
  • Chorizo in red wine sauce

We made the assumption that breads would be added but it didn’t actually happen in that way (in the end we were lucky as we were stuffed) but it’s worth making a note if you order the offer to ensure you ask for the breads – just to avoid any confusion if anything.

Chilli and toasted tortilla at The Bakehouse, Sherwood
The chilli was the first dish to come out. It was served in one of the common kitchenware dishes that a lot of venues are using – white with a blue trim. It gets chipped and broken with age which adds a distressed and hipster feel.

The bowl was a really good portion size. There were 3 pieces of tortilla for dipping, a large dollop of homemade guac (simply just avocado and lime mushed together), soured cream and coriander. The chilli itself was not as I expected and not how I’ve had it elsewhere in all honesty, it had a smoked BBQ taste to it. It was filled with the standard veg plus some sweetcorn to pack it out. Everything about it just worked, it went beyond expectations and the flavours just popped. It set the tone for the rest of the food.

Daal and sourdough at The Bakehouse, Sherwood

The daal was next. It was served with a huge piece of sourdough sticking out, again another great portion, with a nice added bit of coriander and lime. I would not hesitate to order this one again, I found the flavours to be less than the chilli but then it’s a different dish altogether. The lime and coriander definitely made a difference but it was a subtle and homely taste, it was good enough that me and my boyfriend were trying to figure out all ingredients so we could make some for a pack up!

Sweet potato and aioli at The Bakehouse, Sherwood

Next we tried the wedges. These were as described, massive chunks of sweet potato that were cooked to fluffy and crispy perfection with a shed load of aioli stuck on top. The aioli (garlic sauce) was very powerful so make sure you’re not on a date for this one!

Chorizo sausage in red wine at The Bakehouse, Sherwood

The chorizo was the dish that surprised me the most. When I read the description of chorizo in red wine I expected a standard sized dish where chorizo is chopped into slices. Not with this, you get the whole sausage! We must have had around 10 pieces of chorizo between two of us, it was amazing. It was a shame we didn’t have any bread as the dunking would have come in handy with the left over wine juice. That’s one thing I would mention here, this dish was delicious but you didn’t get the tang of the sauce like the other dishes. I assume it’s because it’s seeped into the meat itself rather than being on the side, but a stronger kick would have been a nice bonus.

Banana bread dessert with banana and caramel at The Bakehouse, Sherwood

We weren’t ready for dessert after eating as we still had quite a bit of wine left so had a chat and people watched for a while. I’d also been to The Bakehouse previously for tea and cake and it didn’t really wow me in all honesty. It was nice but the flavours just weren’t there for me, I see its strengths being more as a bakery/patisserie.

Bearing that in mind I asked for the dessert menu and one stood out: banana bread with banana and caramel sauce and a sprinkle of peanuts.

Not really having any strong feelings for this, the dessert was actually amazing. It was crammed full of sugar (yay!) and flavour and so much sauce! I’ve never had banana bread before but I’d be ordering one again. I loved that the bananas were on top as it brought out the banana of the bread too, a double whammy. The caramel was just, oh my gosh, so good.


We had a lovely waitress, I don’t remember her name  but she was pleasant, friendly and informative on the drinks and the food choices. When we came to pay her and another colleague went through the options we could have next time if we wanted something different and also talked through some of the ingredients used. The waitress was also really good with a man that came in a little half cut and wanted a beer, he was friendly but running through the same conversations every time (typical drunken chat) and she humoured him and didn’t falter on her service at all.


the bakehouse rating: 9/10

£22 pp / £44 in total for 4 mains, 1 dessert and a bottle of wine

Everything ticked the boxes for me, the food was brilliant with some great flavours – simple choices but made really really well. The service was good, no complaints at all and I enjoyed it. You could watch people pass by or pop in for a quick coffee. I also think a date night or night out for 2 people for under £50 is brilliant.

Recommended for: couples, date night, cheap eats, eating local, something different
Not recommended for: families (it’s more of a romantic vibe), large groups, vegans, GF
Why not try: the chilli – my fave!

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