Revolucion De Cuba Review

Hi all,

This blog is an update based on 2016’s overview of food at Revolucion De Cuba. In 2016 I was invited to a menu launch which was full of free food, rum and salsa dancing. The night was spent trying rum in the Havana Bar, trying Salsa in their main dance area and then heading back downstairs for a feast on their new menu.

Fish and chips Revolution De Cuba
Fish and chips Revolution De Cuba 2016

This time Revs had a menu change so invited me down on a Saturday afternoon to try out their new brunch options. We had a table reserved near the front of the restaurant so my photos are a lot better quality this time (plus I’m no longer using an iPhone). If you’ve never been to Revolucion De Cuba it’s quite airy and open with several Cuban touches such as plants, mosaic tables and wooden features dotted around.

Revolucion De Cuba Restaurant

First Impressions

To get into the bar it’s a small alley-like entrance with big metal gates and large wooden doors which lead into a little area with a grand staircase in front of you and some double doors to the right. As you walk in the double doors the main bar is directly in front of you with a seating area to the right and high tables for drinking to the left. Although it’s got a distinct Cuban theme you can feel the similarities in decor with its sister company Revolution (De Cuba is rum-focused and Revolution is vodka-focused).


When we sat down my boyfriend’s eyes were drawn straight to the burrito but my eyes went to the tapas section. I decided to ignore burgers and burritos as I wanted a taste of different dishes and I also wanted to get a Cuban feel from the food. I opted for the albondigas (homemade meatballs with beef, chorizo and pork served in a rich tomato sauce), pork and chorizo quesadilla (with roasted pork belly, smoked chilli jam, chorizo and sour cream) and nachos del sol (topped with roquito pepper, manchego cheese, black beans and guacamole and mango salsa).

Onion Rings at Revs De Cuba

We also ordered a side of mojito battered onion rings, as at £3 you can’t go wrong. To wash it down we went for a Mahou (pronounced M-ow or “how” with an “m”!). When the food came out the first thing I noticed was that the portion sizes were uneven. With my tapas, they were all around £6 but the nachos were massive and the three quid onion rings were equally as huge! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the nachos were big as they filled me but I don’t know if I would have been as full if I had chosen another option instead.

Burrito at Revs De Cuba

For taste I’ll start with my boyfriend’s burrito. He was a little disappointed with this one as it was a lot of rice in the burrito and not enough sauce within it. He also really likes his guacamole and sour cream (it doesn’t come with any) and salsa – it did come with one but it was more ‘fresh salsa’ with chopped onions and tomatoes rather than it being saucy.

Nachos at Revs De Cuba

My tapas really hit the spot. The nachos were probably the best nachos I’ve ever had in a restaurant/pub. I loved that there were black beans on them as it gave them an extra texture. The nachos themselves were spiced which gave them a kick, the guacamole and mango salsa was fresh and lovely and the cheese was a great ratio to the chips! Ahh, I’d eat them right now if I could. The meatballs were also really good. They came in a really tasty tomato sauce which I think got its flavour from the chorizo. I was a bit unsure about the meatballs being a mix of three meats but they were really decent and I’d definitely order them again.

Meatballs at Revs De Cuba

The quesadillas were the let down for me. They were topped with sour cream which I’m not a massive fan of as I don’t think it has a taste (seriously, what’s the point?) but the actual fillings were quite minimal. Unlike a burrito it’s only a small amount of filling and I didn’t think it was that tasty. The thing that grabbed my attention with these before ordering was the chilli jam but I don’t know whether it was because of the sour cream but there was no spice to them at all.


As soon as you walk in there’s a small podium where you’re greeted and shown to your seat so there’s no awkward waiting around trying to decide if you sit down or not. This was one of those places where they’re happy to let you eat and drink in peace with only one small check back. We didn’t need anything throughout the meal but I am sure if we did they would have been easy to flag down or to get an additional order as there were plenty of staff.


Revolucion De Cuba Rating: 6.5/10

In total our meal came to £18pp/£36 in total for 3 tapas, 1 burrito, 1 side and 2 beers.

Recommended for: Families, someone looking for their first ‘adventurous’ meal, day time drinkers, gluten-free options
Not recommended for: Veggies (limited menu), large groups
Why not try: One of their cocktails

Overall, I had a great brunch. We were stuffed to the point that we wanted a nap afterwards and did have to leave it an hour before we could have our next drink. I think the word that I would describe for the food at the minute is inconsistent in the portion sizes and whether you get a great dish or a mediocre one. In all honesty I think I preferred their previous menu (sorry guys) as it was a bit more ‘Cuban’ and different.

They’ve done a great job at turning it into a food venue within the day but focusing on dancing and rum in the afternoon. You wouldn’t know it was the same venue if you’ve only been at night as the atmosphere is completely different and family friendly. Potentially this is why they’ve reduced some of their different options on the menu and made it quite standard? I’m unsure but I’ll be visiting again in the future to try out their other tapas options!

Love for you all,

Notts Foodie

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  1. SuburbanGent says:

    Great review 🙂 I’ve just been to and posted Revolucion De Cuba Milton Keynes and had a similar experience – I loved the Quesadillas and cocktails too!

    1. nottsfoodie says:

      I’ve not been to that one! I’ve only ever experienced the Nottingham and Manchester ones but love them

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