Revolucion De Cuba (Brunch)

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Every year Revolucion De Cuba change up their menu and I usually get invited down to try it out. In all honesty it’s been a little hit and miss (I think the word I used last time was inconsistent). The first time it was pure Cuban-inspired food and was brilliant, the next time they’d gone a bit more standard (nachos etc.) and it just fell a little flat. This time it looks like they’ve pulled back and stuck with what they’re good at: spoiler alert, they’re back.

Bottomless Brunch at Revolucion De Cuba

The menu I was trying out this time was their Bottomless Brunch. This was £25 per person and included, food, coffee and unlimited cocktails for 2 hours. Yep, unlimited.

We were given a glass of prosecco on arrival and although I’m not usually a fan of bubbles but the one they used was really nice (Freixenet if I’m not mistaken). It was smooth and I didn’t have to wince every time I took a sip  – maybe I’ve only ever had really cheap stuff?

Bottomless brunch at Revolucion De Cuba

For our next drink I opted for a gin bloody Mary which, as soon as I’d ordered instantly regretted. I remember having  a bloody Mary on holiday a while back and wasn’t a fan of the salt or Tabasco but I’d made the error so I went with it. When it came it was actually completely different from a bloody Mary, it was a little like pink champagne (from looks) and had a raspberry in it. There was no tomato, celery, Tabasco or salt included. It was lovely. My boyfriend’s choice of drink was an espresso martini to get him geared up for the day.

Cocktails from the bottomless brunch at Revolucion De Cuba

We perused the menu whilst sipping the fizz and my eyes were taken straight to huevos rancheros (ranch eggs), my boyfriends’s went straight for the burrito…what can I say? He likes the standard dishes.

Brekkie burrito from the bottomless brunch at Revolucion De Cuba

The brekkie burrito was a tortilla stuffed with sausage, chorizo, egg, refried beans, jalapenos, cheese and topped with bacon. After picking all of the tomatoes out (the only thing he hates) he said the burrito was a delicious, meaty and cheesy, although it could have contained more refried beans, they were the only ingredient lacking.

The bacon were presented on top with a small side salsa. It was quickly sliced open so I could get my inside shot!

Burrito from the bottomless brunch at Revolucion De Cuba

Huevos rancheros was described as a flour tortilla, spiced black beans, tomatoes and mushroom finished with a fried egg and spicy rum sauce. Served with crispy patatas.

Heuvos Rancheros from the bottomless brunch at Revolucion De Cuba

I didn’t really know what to expect with this but what I got really smashed it out of the park. The salsa had a taste of coriander, which makes everything better; the egg was runny which was perfect for the potatoes, and the beans on top of the egg gave an added moisture to the tortilla. The rum sauce had a hint of spice but not too much which was perfect for a breakfast. I’d happily order this dish again and would equally recommend it to anybody wanted a really really good dish.

The service

It was quiet when we were in there so atmosphere was lacking but on the plus side “bottomless” certainly was bottomless. Every time our drinks were remotely empty the waiter came over to top them up again, not one to do if you’re planning a sober afternoon!

The service isn’t like a full on restaurant here, it’s more relaxed. There is always somebody about but it’s not constant. I liked it as it gave it the “brunch” feeling and allowed you to chill and enjoy the food.


revolucion de cuba (brunch) rating: 8.5/10

£25 pp/£50 in total for bottomless cocktails, a main and a coffee (2 hour stay).

If you do the maths, this is a really good offer. Food and a coffee would come in at around £10 which leaves £15 for drinks, splash out on 2 and you’re already at the £25 it costs for unlimited drinks. Even if you don’t want to go crazy with the alcohol at this early in the morning, it’s a great option and a good way to kill 2 hours (plus there’s alcohol-free options). Obviously, if you just want a quick bite then it’s not for you but I’d highly recommend the heuvos rancheros.

The food was delicious, how I remember it when it first opened, service was good as standard and bottomless alcohol will always be a winner.

Recommended for: groups, hen parties, weekend lovers,
Not recommended for: families. vegans, veggies (limited options), those in a rush
Why not try: one of the coffees

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  1. wendy says:

    this sounds like a great deal. I just went on their website to find out when the offer applies and can’t find anything about it. was it just a one off?

    1. nottsfoodie says:

      Hi Wendy,

      It’s a bargain, isn’t it!?

      I’ve just had a look at the picture of the menu I took and it says it’s every weekend and I believe it’s between 11am-2pm. I can’t find it on the website either which is strange. I would just double check with them when you book in 🙂

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