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Earlier this year Rakki Rakkas, a new Turkish takeaway and restaurant, opened up in Sherwood. It got quite a bit of press coverage in the Nottingham Post and the Lord Mayor opened it (I still find this a bit random). Anyway, after going past it on the bus a couple of times I decided to book in with my boyfriend and his parents. They were a little dubious at first as they thought it was just a takeaway, we convinced them once we showed them some pictures of the seating area we found online.

First Impressions of Rakki Rakkas

First impressions are that it’s just a takeaway. It’s set up so you can see the chefs cooking the meat through the window and there’s counter top directly in front of it where you can order and pick up food. It’s not until you walk into the place that you see it goes quite far back and there’s ample seating plus a small bar to the rear.

The seating arrangements are simple with plastic chairs and wooden tables but overall they’ve done a good job of making it look inviting. The decor looks nice and simple with brick wallpaper and canvas imagery dotted about the place.


We had no idea what we were going to go for when we sat down but a quick look at the menu and we saw a sharing platter (Rakki Rakkas Special 2) and we were all in agreement. Sharing platters are a great option for us as it means we can all try different bits without having to steal it from somebody else’s plate, it tends to be our go-to on these type of family outings. This platter saw us eating:

Lamb shish
Chicken shish
Adana kebab
Chicken wings
Lamb ribs
Mixed doner
Bread, rice and salad

Whilst we waited we ordered some beers, which were bottled as there’s no draft available, although we didn’t realise until we ordered as the beer itself is called Efes Draft!  Luckily the beers were large and not far off a pint.

Efes Draft Beer, Rakki Rakkas

When the food arrived the platter was huge, I think all of our eyes popped out and we thought “oh no, what have we ordered?” It seems way to big to be able to eat between four of us. It was piled high onto one dish which filled the majority of the table, it contained all types of meat that you could hope for. It was very impressive.

Sharer Platter from Rakki Rakkas, Sherwood

We started with the lamb kebabs and worked our way down, underneath there was Adana kebab meat and a generous layer of rice. On top of the platter you can see two large green peppers. I tried a bit and got near the end until the burn kicked it, once it did it was a persistent burn! I told the table to stay away but my boyfriend’s dad (not one to be told what to do) shoved the other pepper into his mouth, all in one. The look on his face when the burn hit was brilliant.

If you haven’t guessed, we didn’t finish the dish. Everything was so good and the meat was really good quality and really well seasoned. Behind where we were sat they have large coal pits where they were cooking some of the kebabs to give it a charcoal taste.


Another simple restaurant which means service was matched. There was no need for extravagant service and it did exactly what it needed to do. It was easy to order, get the bill and pay which are the main priorities really. Everything was delivered timely and the staff were friendly, no complaints at all.


rakki rakkas rating: 8/10

£16 pp/£63 in total for 4 people to have a beer and a sharing platter with sides (also comes with bread as a “pre starter”).

I never thought I’d be giving a casual restaurant an eight out of ten but you know what, they deserve it. I had no expectations before going here and they ticked off everything – service, food and atmosphere. Although Rakki Rakkas looks like your everyday takeaway the food is really good and very high quality. In fact, we were tempted to go back two weeks on the trot but, due to my blogging needs, ended up elsewhere.

Recommended for: meat lovers, vegetarians (they cater)
Not recommended for: vegans, fussy eaters, traditional eaters
Why not try: a starter or traditional dessert

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