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You may have noticed that Inferno has re-branded as Pizzastorm. It’s a quarter of a million pounds refurb to the Nottingham venue that’s less than 2 years old, some of the new changes that have occurred are:

  • full refit of all seating areas and rebrand
  • movement of condiments and ice cream stands (for easier access)
  • food delivered to your table
  • a greeting at the door when you walk in to explain the new set up
  • hand-stretched bases instead of with a machine
  • amendments to the toppings (some added, some removed)

Nottingham Pizzastorm after the refurb

First Impressions of Pizzastorm

Nottingham Pizzastorm desserts machine
The first thing was how different the interior looked, they now had booths for 6 people and smaller tables towards the front. I greeted the woman who was stood at the front of the store and told her I had been invited down to try out their new menu, I was met with a blank face and a summoning of the manager (who also didn’t know anything about my visit). After a quick email search to show them my invitation from their marketing team I was invited to take a seat and they’d sort out some food for me. There were effectively three different sections you could choose to sit in but we choose the booths directly facing the door, near the ice cream machine and condiments.

Nottingham Pizzastorm order counter


I was intrigued by their Christmas pizza which I’d heard about from their marketing team but on first glance it wasn’t advertised anywhere. After digging through some of the menus on the table there was a small leaflet with the festive choices. It included the pizza (white sauce, mozzarella, turkey, stuffing, roasted sprouts, bacon and cranberry sauce) and a flatbread with brie, mozzarella and onion chutney.

Nottingham Pizzastorm pizzas and garlic bread

You order in the same way as before, walk up to the desk and pick your own toppings (if you choose “create your own”) or choose a set pizza from the menu. They write your name on the paper your pizza goes onto and give you a metal number to keep tabs of your order as you walk through the process. If you’re a little confused, imagine a Subway but for pizza.

Once you’ve picked everything you’d like they pop it in the oven, you pay and choose drinks and then you take a seat. Once the pizzas are ready one of the staff members will bring them over to you and you can tuck in. Whilst you’re waiting for the delivery there’s plenty of time to grab some condiments or water from one of the stations.

Nottingham Pizzastorm meat selection

When our pizzas were delivered we were also treated to the garlic bread sides, Christmas flatbread and macaroni and cheese. If you’re scared of carbs this isn’t the place for you. My favourite side was the garlic ciabatta bread bites which were so moist and juicy. The next was the Christmas flatbread containing two types of cheese and caramelised red onion, delicious. My worst (but still good) was the mac and cheese. The taste wasn’t as creamy as I would have liked but it was one of those moreish dishes that I couldn’t help but grab more forkfuls of – I think it was because of the sauciness, which was different to the other options.

Christmas pizza from Pizzastorm

The Christmas pizza, which sounded completely odd to me, but I felt as though I had to give it a go, worked. I don’t know why but the flavours were really good. The cranberry sauce which I poured all over the slices added a tangy and sweet aspect to the dish. I didn’t actually taste any bacon on there so I’d have liked a little more of that to give it a nice salty and smoked taste. It’s worth pointing out that I swapped the white sauce for standard pizza sauce as I was a little worried, however, someone I know had the same pizza and said it was brilliant with it – I suppose it’s personal preference though as cheese isn’t my favourite thing in the world.

My boyfriend’s pizza was good and he demolished most of it, he chose a standard meat feast and piled it on. His had a lot more toppings on than my Christmas pizza from the menu but it was also a quid more expensive so I think this takes it into account.  Needless to say we didn’t finish all of our feast. In fact we had to hold back as one of the staff came over and told us to make room for dessert which was on its way.

Nottingham Pizzastorm calzone

Dessert was a Nutella calzone with mascarpone sauce and a side of ice cream. This was amazing. My boyfriend wasn’t actually a fan of the mascarpone so stuck with the Nutella side but I thought it really worked. The calzone was warm so the Nutella melted and oozed out of the dish. It came with a side of ice cream from the machine behind us which tasted like old school Mr Whippy (may favourite type of ice cream!)


They’ve put more effort into the service with the revamp in the form of a greeting at the door, delivery to your table and a check back to see if everything’s alright with your food. This isn’t the type of place to flag down somebody for drinks or more food though so I would say the service is as good as it can be for the set up. I don’t have any complaints.


pizzastorm’s rating: 8/10

£13.80 pp/£27.60 in total for a pizza each, three sides and two desserts to share

I personally don’t see the benefit of the expensive refurb as I liked the way it was before. For me the benefit comes in adding a few more booths and having food delivered to you. I don’t really care that the dough is now hand-stretched (sorry guys) or that I get somebody greeting me as soon as I walk in.

I think Pizzastorm is just as good as Inferno was, the food is really good. I wouldn’t hestitate to have any of the pizzas or desserts again, I’d probably pass on the mac&cheese but would be gutted if I didn’t have their garlic bread again! For an absolute feast we would have spent less then £30 which I think is a bargain.

One note to the team there: there could be more effort placed on advertising seasonal pizzas using the wall space or A boards.

Recommended for: groups of all sizes, couples, families, cheap eats
Not recommended for: people on diets, carb-fearing folk, a proper restaurant experience
Why not try: a dessert!

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