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If you’ve been to Broad Street you’ll know of all the popular places – Broadway cinema, Revs, Brew Dog and El Capo to name a few. Well, did you know that underneath Brew Dog there’s a Malaysian restaurant? That’s where Nada Budaya lives and you should probably make room in your diary to visit.

First Impressions of Nada Budaya

As you go downstairs you don’t really know what you’re going to be walking into, is it a dingy back alley restaurant or is it going to be a hidden gem? For me it was the latter, it was bright and airy down there and looked like it had been refurbished well. The decor was simple, as were the table settings, but it made you feel welcome.

As soon as we walked down we were greeted by one of the staff, who came out from the bar that’s directly to your right as you walk through. He was very friendly and smiley and showed us to a table.


The menu is actually really extensive. Considering this is one of those “hidden in plain sight” venues there was a lot to choose from.

This seemed like it would be one of those restaurants where descriptions were limited or choices small but it wasn’t, the menu was extensive with mouth-watering descriptions plus most dishes were able to cater for meat, veggie or vegan!

We opted for a bottle of wine, three starters and two mains to share:

StartersChicken satay starter, Nada Budaya Malaysian Satay
Chicken marinated in fresh herbs and spices served with rice, cucumber, onions and homemade peanut sauce

Prawn fritter starter, Nada Budaya MalaysianCucur udang
Prawns, bean sprouts, chives in a turmeric batter served with cucumber, tofu, chilli and homemade peanut sauce

Starters, Nada Budaya MalaysianMurtabak
Stuffed crispy pancake with chicken, egg and mixed spice filling served with pickled onions

Char kuay teow starter, Nada Budaya MalaysianChar kuay teow
Seasoned wok-fried rice noodles with dark soya sauce, chilli paste, bean sprouts, chives, egg and tofu with chicken

Mamak mee goreng, Nada Budaya Malaysian Mamak mee goreng
Indian style egg noodles with a spicy twist mixed with sweet chilli paste , eggs, prawns, bean sprouts, tomato and soya sauce

The food was amazing, everything we ate had so much flavour and was so moreish. The starters, despite being things you’d class as greasy, just weren’t. They were crispy and not at all oily. The dips that each dish came with complimented everything so well too.

The mains were two noodle dishes which tasted completely different to each other. One had tofu in which I really enjoyed (and I hated tofu the last time I had it). It was everything that I wanted it to be and more, especially when the bill came.


It was really good here – basic, but good. It’s not one of those places that checks on you every five minutes, they serve you and thats it, but they do it with a smile and that makes all the difference. The staff genuinely seemed happy to meet and greet you which is really nice to experience.


nada budaya rating: 9.5/10

£26.85 pp/£53.70 in total for a 3 starters, 2 mains and a bottle of wine.

I went in not knowing what the experience was going to be, but I came out thinking: I’ve found a hidden gem. This place was amazing and I can’t wait to go back. There was nothing I would change with the food or the service. The toilets could do with a small upgrade (better driers or paper towels) but that’s me trying to find a fault.

Recommended for: couples, small groups, families, fussy eaters (you’ll find something), veggies and vegans
Not recommended for: big spenders, posh diners, traditional eaters
Why not try: a starter with your main

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