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I love steak so when I heard about a Miller and Carter opening on Mansfield Road, about 20 minutes away from where I live, I was eager to book in and try. A few people have been and said that it’s some of the best steak they’ve had in a restaurant so I was expecting big things. The restaurant is located where the old Five Mile Inn was, towards Sherwood Forest.

First Impressions of Miller and Carter

I love the bull outside the entrance! Although it’s probably a bit wrong to take pictures of the animal you’re just about to devour…

Bull statue outside Miller and Carter

As you walk in there’s a small podium on the left where there was a staff member to greet us and show us to our table. To the right there’s a bar area with around 10 tables, ideal for a quick drink before or after the meal. The whole venue looks very modern, it’s got a high-end wood finish with funky lampshades and art of bulls hanging on the walls.

We were seated in a booth that was fresh, clean and within a good view of the kitchen. This is one of those venues where the kitchen is in full view to give you some confidence in their abilities.


There were four of us, me, my boyfriend and his parents. We knew we were having steak so all we needed to decide the type of cut we were opting for and the desserts. All steaks are served with parsley butter, fries, onion loaf, lettuce wedge and sauce. You need to tell the staff three things: your cut, your sauces (for steak and lettuce) and how you’d like your steak cooked.

Rump steak Miller and Carter
Ribeye steak

I opted for a 12oz ribeye (no sauce) with garlic sauce for the lettuce, my boyfriend had the 8oz bistro rump with peppercorn and Stilton and blue cheese or the lettuce. The in-laws had the 8oz rump had the same sauces as my boyfriend and we all opted for medium-rare.

So…, let’s discuss the lettuce wedge. It is as it sounds, a wedge of lettuce. It’s so random I still can’t get over it, it’s pointless. It comes with a drizzle of sauce, not enough to make the sauce useful, it’s a sprinkle. The lettuce is supposed to act as a palate cleanser but we hadn’t eaten anything at this point so it made it, again, pointless.

Lettuce wedge Miller and Carter

The steaks came out and were served with the sauce on the side in a small pan (very cute), I didn’t have sauce as I don’t believe steak needs any. The onion loaf is like a smashed up onion bhaji and is accompanied by a leaf and a tomato wedge. Again, pointless. There’s also some chips to go alongside the dish to make it a proper meal, we upgraded to sweet potato for an extra quid.

Rump at Miller and Carter
Rump steak

We all started digging in and the first thing that I noticed was that the steak wasn’t cooked right, it was rare. Luckily I can eat it like this but I ordered medium-rare. I hate sending dishes back if it means that by the time I get it back everybody else will have finished theirs so I ate it. In fairness the taste was good, however, it definitely wasn’t the best steak I’ve ever had in Nottingham (or the world). The chips were lovely as was the onion  loaf, the “salad” was fresh but still a bit of a waste of time.

Medium-rare steak Miller and Carter
“Medium-rare” steak served rare

After we’d finished eating we were all pretty eager for dessert as the portions weren’t belly-popping. I went for the banoffee pie, my boyfriend had a standard cheeseboard and his parents opted for the shared platter, consisting of creme brulee, chocolate brownie/pot, lemon and clotted cream tart, vanilla ice cream and home-baked biscuits.

All desserts were massive and easily shareable.  The sharing platter looked really good, it had great portions considering each dessert was described as a “mini” and I was a little bit jealous when I saw what they were eating.

Shared dessert at Miller and Carter

The cheeseboard went down well and, again, was huge! This is definitely designed for two people, it came with three different crackers, fruit and cheese.

Cheeseboard Miller and Carter

I could have easily shared my banoffee (but I didn’t), instead I think I put myself into a sugar coma. It was so good and my favourite dessert. This photo doesn’t do it justice, it was so big. A small criticism I have is that the bowl was pretty sticky, you can kind of see it in the image, and I wasn’t able to touch it at all. It may be due to the toffee sauce but it made me feel as though I was eating out of a dirty bowl.

Banoffee Miller and Carter


I don’t have any complaints about their service, everything was up to standard. The waitress was really friendly and cracked a few jokes with the table as well as being able to recommend options for us.

One thing I like here is that when somebody says they have had a good meal they ring a bell and all the chefs clap. It’s quite clever really as in order to get the thrill of hearing the bell ring for your table you have to compliment them which in turn drives more demand.


miller and carter rating: 6.5/10

£26 pp/£104 in total for 4 people to have steak, dessert and a beer.

It was okay. I’d go again but it’s a very expensive meal for somewhere that can’t cook their core dish right. I have still heard great things about this place since I’ve been so I don’t know whether it was our night, our branch or our chef that was the issue. I don’t enjoy the lettuce or the poor effort with “side salad” but I like the “build your own” aspect. I think this could be great but at the minute it’s “okay”. By far the best part of the meal was the dessert!

Recommended for: trying steak, a step up from pub food, families, big groups, small groups, date night
Not recommended for: gulten-free, fussy eaters, vegan, veggie
Why not try: their banofee pie

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  1. Jonathan Pearson says:

    Not sure that your medium rare steak wasn’t. I’d be happy with that. It certainly wasn’t rare. Professional chefs cook 2 temperature, not appearance.

    1. nottsfoodie says:

      Hi Jon, steaks are a funny thing aren’t they, in terms of how people like them? I didn’t know about the temperature which is an interesting fact and makes a lot of sense with variations – don’t they have to take into account thickness though? Or does the temperature work for this?

  2. Anon says:

    You cook to core temperature, not surface. This means thicker cuts or more “done” need a cooler grill surface to avoid burning it while the heat gets to the middle.
    Yours is definitely a medium-rare, as the meat has moved from purple to pink, suggesting a core temperature of about 55c. Many restaurants in the UK overcook by at least one step, whereas that is cooked properly.

    1. nottsfoodie says:

      Thanks for commenting as I’ve learned something new about temperatures and cooling, good knowledge!

      I’ve said it before but I still think steaks are quite a personal thing. It may be the photo but in real life it was definitely more rare (unless I’ve been having it wrong at most other restaurants).

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