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Those of you who follow me on social media will probably know that as well as food, I love to keep fit (they go hand in hand really!) which is why I’m loving the new phase of healthy restaurants that are popping up across the city.

HUNGER is ran by two fit fanatics and foodies and popped up a few months ago as a bit of a trial and has will back with in 2018 with a bigger offering. You’ll find the stall between the back of Wilko and HSBC in town.

First Impressions of HUNGER

Once I’d found it my first impressions was “oh it’s a little stall”. I was actually expecting a van, similar to a greasy spoon van that you see around office car parks. Instead HUNGER was a couple of tables and a lot of freezer boxes. The front of the stall had a selection of the meals displayed as well as leaflets, menus and prices. In fairness there’s not much else you need.

Hunger stall


After a quick chat with one of the owners and getting the low down on what HUNGER was all about I understood the idea of the stall (rather than a van) was to get an understanding of demand. The bigger plan was to bring a food van into 2018. Currently all of their food is prepared by a chef at home and is packed into the cool boxes to serve that day.

Hunger food menu

In terms of food, offerings were salmon or tilapia , steak or chicken, or a salad. As it was a stall, all of the food is served cold but is microwavable if you wish. If you’re a fan of hot dinners then it’s probably not one to go to.

As a fan of salmon I choose this option, it was described as: lemon and herb salmon resting on quinoa, spinach, rocket, pomegranate and dill jus. The one ingredient that made me a little unsure was the quinoa as I’ve had it on its own and it’s very woody and not to everyone’s taste. Regardless, everything else ticked the box so I went straight in.

Hunger salmon salad

It was lovely. I felt full after and I enjoyed every single minute of it. The quinoa was nice and without that woody taste – maybe I bought cheap before or maybe it was because of all of the other flavours combined. I have no idea. As somebody who usually has soup or a sweet potato for lunch this was perfect, it was healthy, delicious and without a faff.

Hunger food options, Nottingham

The meal deal I got gave me a healthy snack bar (I chose chocolate orange) and a bottle of water. I was also given a taster for one of the steak dishes to try.  The ingredients for this were salt and pepper hanger steak, sat on quinoa and bulgur wheat, with sweet potato puree and tender stem broccoli and a cheese sauce.

Hunger steak taster

The dish was nice, there was no fat on the steak at all, it was easy enough to eat with a fork and I loved the different textures – smooth puree, soft steak and cruncy broccoli. I did prefer the salmon purely as I’m not much of a cheese fan, I also think it’s one dish I’d opt to have warm. A quick blitz in the microwave would have worked wonders.


You have to remember this is a food stall. Calum, one of the owners, was more than welcoming when I walked up and was happy to talk through the company’s vision and where it sees itself in the future.

There was a man who popped up whilst I was there and was enquiring about the food, he didn’t end up purchasing I think he was more curious than anything as there’s a display of all dishes in front of you – it’s quite intriguing! Calum was happy to explain all of the options to him as well as tell him about the meal deal options that were available.


hunger’s rating: 8/10

£6 in total for a meal, snack and drink.

If you want to know more about HUNGER you can visit their website here. As a very brief overview, it’s been set up by two uni friends who have a passion for working out and eating healthy. They found a lot of others were doing the working out bit well but kept falling behind on the food aspect, due to the amount of time and effort it takes to prep healthy food. They also found that if you pop out on a lunch break there’s not many healthy options which means you could end up undoing all of your hard work. A perfect gap in the market!

The next time I go they’ll have their food van up and running so warm food should be an option on the menu, I think this will make all of the difference. The salmon was lovely as it tends to be a cold dish when thrown in a salad, the steak on the other hand would have been a warm dish option for me.

Recommended for: health kicks, gym lovers, healthy alternatives, quick bites
Not recommended for: people who want to sit down, haters of fresh or healthy food
Why not try: Moroccan infused chicken!

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