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I recently met up with a fellow food blogger, Will Flirt for Food, to investigate Corner Stone Pizza in Sherwood. The venue is a small glass box/shipping container down a side street which you’ve probably either noticed and wondered what it was or completely walked straight passed it. Neither of us had been so agreed to do a joint venture, have a chat and see what goodies would be delivered.

First Impressions of Corner Stone Pizza

My first impression was that it was a small “restaurant”, it was essentially a portacabin or shipping container with a glass front. To get in there’s a sliding door and around 5 tables along one side. The kitchen was in the building opposite, which was pretty much the tiniest kitchen you’ve probably ever seen, it had a pizza oven and not much more. The toilets were in an additional building at the rear of the container.

Decoration at Corner Stone Sherwood

Inside it was relatively warm but freezing when the door was opened for the waitresses to pop in or out. There was only one other table in there when we arrived and it didn’t get past 6 people the whole time (although this is over half of what they can accommodate).


The menu was simple, a few different pizzas and a small starter and dessert selection. We both opted for the pizzas straight away, it’s what we came for so let’s not mess about. I was torn between two different flavours so got a half and half. Will Flirt for Food did the same but specified that no cheese was to be added due to being lactose intolerant.

My choices were: olives, buffalo mozzarella with basil and pepper, onion, chilli and feta
Will Flirt for Food’s were: ham hock, fennel and chilli and the salami, olive and artichoke

Pizza with cheese, Corner Stone Sherwood

It took almost an hour to get our pizzas and we had to chase a couple of times. Unknown to us when we ordered, a local ale house has the facility to place orders with them and they prioritised this order before ours. I think it was a case of bad timing but it was quite frustrating considering we were the only table to have ordered within the 15 minutes of us arriving. When they did come to make ours they put cheese on both, even though we specifically said one is to contain zero cheese due to allergies. They had to start again which added more time on.

Pizza without cheese, Corner Stone Sherwood

When we did finally get the pizzas they looked good. A nice size for an individual pizza, crispy base and soft dough but the flavours were disappointing. They lacked flavour, my option was essentially just the toppings with little cheese (I don’t know if having one lactose-free one scared them). It was a shame, there was nothing wow about it and my own homemade pizzas probably have more pizzazz. That may sound harsh but there are some great pizza restaurants out there who put a lot of effort into the flavours and tastes and I don’t believe Corner Stone is one, unfortunately. It was edible but I probably wouldn’t rush to eat it again.

We still had room so choose dessert though so we eyed the menu to fill the hole that was still there. I had the Bakewell flapjack and Flirts had chocolate brownie. These were not good and by far the worst part of the dinner, neither of us finished.

Bakewell flapjack, Corner Stone Sherwood

They were pretty much stale and I have no idea how long they had been around for. For desserts that were supposed to be soft and moist, they were hard, dry and flavourless.

Chocolate brownie, Corner Stone Sherwood


The staff were a little apologetic about how long it took to get our orders but not enough in my opinion. I think they were flustered and a little under pressure but it did seem as though customer service went a little to the back of their minds. If they would have told us they’d be a wait (or prioritised the customers they actually have in the building) it would have been a lot better.

We also asked to use the toilets whilst we were there, which are outside, at the back of the container. They were actually locked and we had to ask them to undo it twice before we could use them. I understand they want to ensure only customers use them but because they were so busy at the time it just felt we were a bit of an inconvenience to them.


corner stone pizza rating: 5/10

£16 pp/£32 in total for a pizza, dessert and a drink each

It was a nice place to try as they have a quirky setting but it was a let down for me. They don’t prioritise their on-site customers and I didn’t see or feel any love with the products they’re creating. It has a lot of potential but they need to change their business model a little bit or at least hire more staff/more space.

Recommended for: couples or small groups, lactose intolerant, veggies, vegans, casual dining
Not recommended for: big groups, in a hurry
Why not try: a half and half

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