Baresca (Vegan) Review

Guest Blog by Susan Hart, Nutrition Coach

This blog is a little different as I’ve asked Susan Hart, a Nottingham-based nutrition coach (and fully-fledged vegan) to provide a view on one of Nottingham’s tapas bars: Baresca. I reviewed Baresca a year or so ago so it will be interested to see what it rates from a vegan point of view. Below is a short summary of Susan, you can find a link to her website at the bottom of this blog…enjoy!

Susan Hart, Review of Baresca

“Hi everyone, I’m Susan, a Nutrition Coach based in Nottingham. I deliver healthy eating advice to individuals, groups and businesses. I have my own vegan cookery school, where guests can update their skills, learn new ones and take home tasty vegan meals (recipes can be found on my blog) and I also write monthly restaurant reviews for the Nottingham Post.

Susan’s Vegan Review of Baresca

Baresca is a Spanish tapas restaurant in town that is part of the Perkins family business. I have eaten at their restaurant in West Bridgford on a number of occasions so expectations were high

Vegan lentil salad
Vegan lentil salad from Baresca

As always I phoned ahead to discuss their vegan options, they made a note on the booking and said it wouldn’t be a problem. I arrived one Saturday night with a group of friends and right on cue my very own vegan menu was presented to me. Massive tick!

The menu was extensive; containing 5 nibbles/starter dishes and 7 main course dishes. This doesn’t happen very often, but I was spoilt for choice and felt like a normal diner who couldn’t make their mind up!

A couple of friends also asked to look at my menu and were equally impressed. Eventually I chose rosemary flatbread with hummus, spinach and sweet potato falafel, sweetcorn fritters and lentil salad.

Vegan feast at Baresca, Nottingham
Our feast!

The flatbread was the first to arrive and it was delicious, especially when dipped in to the really garlicky hummus. It was a large portion so others dipped in. Then the rest arrived at the same time, the table was groaning under the weight of all our food!

My crispy sweetcorn fritters were so crunchy and tasty, they were gone in an instant; I had to be quick because others were diving in and trying to eat them. How very dare they, don’t they know this was my ‘boring, bland vegan food’!

Vegan sweetcorn fritters
Vegan sweetcorn fritters from Baresca

The lentil salad was a very healthy portion and could easily serve two people so I was happy to share. If you don’t like chillies (and I do) then you might want to ask the kitchen to add less because boy was it spicy. I absolutely loved the heat and flavours of this earthy dish. Finally the falafels; these were my least favourite but still tasty. The texture was a bit soft and they stuck to the roof of my mouth but I’d probably order them again.

For me it’s the little things that make this bar standout; the vegan prices are slightly cheaper than their vegetarian cousins because some items have been removed (that doesn’t happen often, if at all), I get a whole menu to choose from, the same care and attention has been heaped on to my vegan dishes as all the others. And best of all I was made to feel normal

You can read more about Susan and her nutritional coaching on her website:

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