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I was invited down to Around the World to try out their offering. I’d not actually heard of the restaurant before so did a quick Google, it’s located at the old Walkabout site. This confused me slightly as I thought it was Bierkeller – turns out there’s actually three bars on three different levels. Around the World is the bar and restaurant situation on the ground floor. I didn’t really know what to expect but quickly accepted and headed down. It sounds like a buffet but it’s not.
Around the World

First Impressions of Around the World

The layout hasn’t changed too much from it’s Walkabout days but there are some clear differences – toilets on the ground floor for one. The decor has been completed stripped out and redone which couldn’t have been cheap. There’s a nice wooden floor and there’s a wooden theme throughout the bar with some quirky features such as beer kegs for lamp shades. The bar is still along the whole of the right hand side, the toilets are at the back and to the left there’s a small restaurant/seating area which converts into a dance floor later on. It looked pretty good but my expectations automatically went to “generic pub food”.


We asked for recommendations for food and drink and were advised to stick with something a little traditional such as burgers or pizzas. We ordered a couple of drinks and had a gaze at the menu. It was quite standard food – pizza, burgers, nachos etc. We decided to share our picks so opted for beef chilli nachos, currywurst and a pizza.

We had a chance for another round before the food was delivered, not due to service, due to thirst. I went for a recommend pina colada cocktail from the waitress and my boyfriend switched to a pint.

Around the World cocktail

When the food arrived I was impressed. Excuse the poor photography the lighting isn’t meant for foodies like me. The pizza was thin, crispy and fresh. The nachos were some of the best nachos I’ve had in Nottingham (the best ones can be found here) and the currywurst was huge. My worry with this food was that it was going to be basic, fatty and greasy food that makes you feel guilty two days later but that’s definitely not what we got. Every single bit of food we had was delicious and completely blew any preconceptions out of the window. It seems like a lot of effort has gone into the food prep and quality that they’re putting out.

Around the World nachos

The nachos were described as their our own beef chilli, Tex Mex cheese, jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, coriander and lime. They arrived in their own metal tin that was piled high with nachos and sauce, it was a messy eat. We didn’t even bother with cutlery at this point as they just broke up the crisps, we grabbed one and dunked. The beef was all below the sauce and, in all honesty, I would have liked to have seen more of it – the ratio of meat to the other sauces and ingredients was quite low. Overall though a great, hearty and flavourful dish.

Around the World Bratwurst

Next up we split the currywurst, a  9″ dog with mustard, ketchup, crispy onions, fries and homemade slaw. The sauce came on the side so I quickly lathered up the sausage to take full advantage of all the flavours. The slaw was really good, considering I’ve had homemade slaw before and it’s been bland and boring this was how I imagine slaw to actually be. The fries had the skin on (the only way they should be served) and were crispy, hot and fluffy.

Around the World pizza

The pizza we chose was call Diavoli, which was pepperoni, red onion and jalapenos. This reminded me of a Ristrorante pizza due to the tomato-ness, the crisp base and the overall taste. They have a pizza oven attached to the end of the bar so you can see them making them fresh (so it’s definitely not a Ristorante). I really enjoyed this one, I’m not one for a lot of meat on my pizza so loved the 1 piece per slice. I would have liked more jalapenos but overall a very good pizza.

Around the World profiteroles

Surprisingly I wasn’t bursting out of my jeans so I ordered a sneaky dessert. I went for profiteroles with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream. Smashed it. There’s not more I can say about these other than if you’re diabetic you may want to stay away as they are very sweet. The portion size was decent and my boyfriend even jumped in to finish off the dish.


It was great. This is where I have to be a little skeptical as I know they knew who I was, however, our drinks were topped up frequently and when the waitress was leaving her shift she popped over and told us that we were welcome to have more drinks but we’d need to head to the bar to order them. If this is a standard service then I love it. It shows that the customers are still important and, despite the staff wanting to clock off, they’re updating and rounding up their tables to make sure they’re in the know.


AROUND THE WORLD rating: 8.5/10

£24.50pp/£49 in total for three mains and four drinks.

So, the bits I didn’t like were minor. The first was how open the “restaurant” area was, it was clearly made for a dance floor and I felt there could have been more tables to add to the atmosphere of the venue. They hadn’t filled the tables that were there so I don’t know if it’s due to demand or whether it’s because we were eating quite late that they had removed some tables? The only other thing I didn’t like was that when people are going out for a smoke it blows into this area as the door is just behind it. As a non-smoker I easily pick up on the smell and at one point I did think that people were smoking in the bar. This isn’t something they can necessarily change but I didn’t like it.

The only complaint about the food was the lack of meat in some dishes but overall this is a great venue with really good fresh food. Despite having some standard options on the menu each dish we tried is recommended by me and my boyfriend, a great place.

Recommended for: date night, cheap eats, family, on a budget
Not recommended for: vegetarians, vegans, posh toffs, a sophisticated night
Why not try: their profiteroles

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