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Welcome to Notts Foodie, a Nottingham food blog.

I am a Nottingham based food lover and critic who is dedicated and passionate about trying as many new foods and experiences as possible.

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I am Jade, the woman behind Notts Foodie. The idea to create a food blog came as I eat out a lot and found I was visiting restaurants that not a lot of my friends had heard about.

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Although I’m originally from Manchester, I love the size of Nottingham, the culture, the buildings and the restaurants. It’s been my home since 2008. I’ve spent around 3 years of my life working within the hospitality industry (bars and restaurants) across three different cities so I tend to have high expectations from the places I visit.

On this Nottingham food blog you’ll find a selection of restaurant reviews from around Nottingham and the occasional one from elsewhere around the world. (I also love to travel). My aim is to provide a different view on restaurants in Nottingham especially those you may not have heard of. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I love a good chain restaurant but some of the best ones I have been to are smaller, independent restaurants.

If I have been asked to review a restaurant of cafe I will mention it on the blog but will in no way be swayed in my rankings. All restaurants are rated for their first impressions, food and service plus the facilities they have to offer. I’ll always try to be honest and all ratings are given by comparing it with other restaurants, if the food is sensational but the service isn’t then it will score lower than other places.

If you have any questions about my posts, whole food blog, particular views or would like an honest review of your restaurant then leave me a comment or email jade@nottsfoodie.com